“The Best” Grain/Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies – but are they?

That’s a big claim, right? My answer: possibly! These cookies have been a favourite in our house since I first tried them about three years ago. They are delicious, they are just the right amount of chewy, and if you eat them straight out of the oven the chocolate is still soft and gooey and all kinds of fabulous. What’s not to love?

I do have a confession though. I haven’t found Enjoy Life chocolate chips in my local stores, and therefore have only ever used Cadbury dark baking chips or Nestle dark baking bits. So alas, my cookies are not entirely dairy free, and they also contain some added sugar in the choc chips.

The recipe is available at www.lifemadefull.com (I have never added the almond or peanut butter, which is optional, but I’m sure it would add to the loveliness of these cookies).

Does my two year old love them? He sure does! In fact, everyone I’ve shared them with has loved them, including my grain/dairy/sugar eating friends and relatives. I’ve tried other chocolate chip cookie recipes which are great too, but my husband always asks me to come back to these ones. They really are amazing.

My tips:

  • Watch them closely so they don’t burn. (This might be just my dodgy oven, who knows…)
  • Make sure your eggs are at room temperature, so they don’t make the coconut oil solidify (coconut oil is liquid if kept above about 24ºC, but will solidify below that temp. So cold eggs = hard coconut oil).
  • Keep your cookies in the fridge, or even the freezer for a cold treat in summer.
  • Because my chocolate chips have added sugar, I can get away with adding less maple syrup. Also, if I want to avoid fructose I’ll use rice malt syrup, which is fructose free but still gives a lovely sweet taste. For more information about rice malt syrup, I like what The Natural Nutritionist has to say.

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