“Best ever” fluffy waffles – are they or aren’t they???

As you know, I’ve been reviewing a few waffle recipes since I found my waffle iron hiding at the back of the cupboard a couple of months ago. You can read about my other waffle experiences here and here.

My next review in my great waffle trial (or whatever I’ve been naming it? I think it changes each time. Insert eye roll here) is another from paleOMG.com but it’s not actually Juli’s recipe, she reviewed it from a cookbook by Lexi’s Clean Kitchen. Anyway, the recipe is on paleOMG.com so that’s what I’ll link you to. Here’s the link.

I know, I know – get to it lady! Ok. These waffles were, hands down, no doubt about it, AH-MAZING! Yes siree, so delicious, fabulous texture (the closest to traditional waffles that I’ve come across), easy to make and very popular in our house. For the record – Juli called them the “Best-ever Fluffy Waffles” and I tend to agree.

The only let down is that the batter didn’t make a lot of waffles. In fact I pretty much ate the entire first batch I made. That was partly due to them being so freakin’ delicious, and partly because my appetite is ridiculous out of control some times. But hey, no guilt here. They were yummy and I loved every bite.

My tips:

  • Double the recipe! Unless you’re only cooking for one. Then just make it as is, and eat them all.
  • I had mine with butter and a little maple syrup. Yummy.
  • Tapioca has become a staple gluten free flour in my house lately. I used to always rely on almond meal for most of my baking, with occasional coconut flour (or a combination). But I think it is very possible to eat too many nuts some times, so I have been looking for gluten free recipes that don’t rely just on almond flour. (This recipe uses tapioca and almond). I think the texture with tapioca is much nicer.
  • Lexi’s Clean Kitchen has become a go-to recipe resource for me now, and these waffles were the reason why. She really has some lovely recipes, go check it out! I’m going to buy her cookbook too!



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