Cauliflower pizza bases – say wha…???

Yes you read that right – cauliflower pizza bases! Hard to believe right? To be honest, the first time we tried these I was very skeptical. Who wants pizza that tastes like cauliflower? Not me… Don’t get me wrong, I like cauliflower as a vegetable. Or it makes a great alternative to rice. But pizza? Hmmm…

Well, to repeat something my mum always said – don’t knock it until you try it!

These cauliflower pizza bases from An Apple A Day are really fabulous. When I gave up eating gluten and dairy I thought my pizza days were over. That made me sad. I love pizza. It also made my husband sad because he loves pizza too, and doesn’t have a problem with gluten or dairy so he would be missing out just because of my dodgy guts. And that doesn’t seem fair, does it? So I did a little search and found this fabulous recipe. BAM! Life changed.

If you’ve got a food processor or thermomix, these pizza bases are super easy. If not, get your grater out and let your muscles do the work. The recipe is simple and easy to follow, not too many ingredients, all healthy and the end result is perfect pizza bases that no one would guess are made of cauliflower – you really can’t tell!

My tips:

  • If you’ve got a hungry family to feed, start making the bases early. I have two baking trays and two racks in the oven, so can only make two bases at a time. They have to cook for 20-25 minutes before you can put toppings on, then another 10-15 to cook your toppings. So a little bit time consuming and when everyone in the house smells pizza you know they’ll be getting impatient!
  • I have a fabulous rolling pin that allows you to set the thickness you want to roll your dough to. If you can find one, get it because it’s so helpful for getting the base even and not too thick or thin.
  • The toppings pictured include leftover bolognese sauce (instead of pizza sauce or tomato paste), nitrate free bacon, mushrooms, garlic, shallots and dairy free “Biocheese”. This was the first time I’ve tried Biocheese – I’m not a fan of manufactured foods but really felt like cheese on my pizza. It was good! But certainly not something I’d eat all the time.
  • Sorry my photo is naf. I was too eager to tuck in and forgot to take a pick before I ate half of it. Plus my food photography skills suck. Oh well.

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