Chocolate mug cake

I think making a single serve cake is a necessity for me. My appetite gets way out of control some times, so if I made an entire chocolate cake with all the best intentions of only eating one slice – there’s no way I’d stop at just one slice. I know full well that by the next day, there’d be barely one slice (or even crumb) left.

Tonight I felt like dessert, and because my toddler didn’t have a nap today we had dinner at 4.45pm so I could have him in bed by 6. Early dinner and bed time means mumma gets to have dessert – whoop! I didn’t have any treats, chocolate, bikkies or pretty much anything remotely dessert-like on hand, so I googled chocolate mug cake to see what I could find. Who knew there were so many options! Egg free, nut free, paleo, fully sugar loaded… the list is endless. I went with this recipe from paleOMG – I trust her recipes and most of the time she hits the mark.

This cake certainly hit the spot. A little too well though, it makes a pretty big serve and I struggled to eat it all. Don’t worry, I did eat it all. But I would have been satisfied with just half of it. If anything it was a little dry – I ended up adding some vanilla coconut yogurt on top and that really made it (the yogurt may also have contributed to filling me up though…). If was still a dairy eater I would have loved to add a big fat dollop of double cream. Mmmmm…

My tips:

  • if you’ve got someone to share it with, have half each and serve it with cream or yogurt and maybe throw on some berries. Or chocolate chips!
  • it was quite sweet – I don’t eat much sugar (accept for fruits) so if I make it again I will reduce the amount of honey
  • don’t freak out when it is cooking and looks like it’s going to explode all over the microwave. It won’t, it will be just fine
  • it literally took me 3 minutes to make, so this is a really quick and easy dessert. Or breakfast if cake for breakfast is your thing
  • if you really feel like cake (or anything chocolatey), but couldn’t be arsed making it or don’t want to eat an entire cake yourself – this is an excellent choice

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