Chocolate porridge? Count me in!

I love chocolate. So chocolate for breakfast? In a form that’s healthy? Sign. Me. Up.

I have followed NutritionStripped on instagram for a little while and have been bookmarking a few recipes to try. Well today was the day, but it wasn’t one I had bookmarked! Seeking breakfast inspiration, I just went to the website and checked out the breakfast recipes. And there it was, in all it’s chocolatey glory – the Chocolate Malt Breakfast Bowl. Woohoo!

The recipe is fairly simple and very easy to follow. The taste? Delicious. Popular with the 2 year old with an opinion on everything? Yes! I will certainly make this again, with a few of my own tweaks.

My tips:

  • I needed to add more milk. About an extra 1/3 to 1/2 a cup.
  • The batch is big. It says serves 1, but it was enough for me and my toddler, and we didn’t get through it all. I’d say serves 2 (adults).
  • The ingredients list calls for almond butter, but it’s not in the instructions. I just added it with the other dry ingredients.
  • The instructions calls for cinnamon but it’s not in the ingredients list. I added a pinch.
  • It is quite rich. I had to add some milk and unsweetened yogurt to serve because it was a little too heavy for me to eat straight. Having said that, the recipe suggests topping it with fruit and I didn’t do that. Fruit would have helped. Duh.
  • Banana on top would be ace. And would make my photo look nicer. Face palm.
  • When I make it again I’ll reduce the amount of cocoa and sweetener.

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