Like bread, but better. Way better.

You may start noticing a trend here. I like chocolate. A lot. So does the rest of my family. So when I found a recipe for a bread that promises to be full of delicious chocolate flavour and is also packed with nutrients, I had to try it!

I can confirm – it is all kinds of yum. Alyse from  has done it again with her Chia & Chocolate Zucchini Bread recipe. A delicious morning or afternoon snack, or keep it in the fridge for a quick and easy breakfast!

My tips:

  • I like it toasted in the sandwich press, and served with butter. But it is just fine to serve it straight from the fridge (or from my bag, as is often the case when you’re a busy student/mum/wife).
  • I find I have to cook it longer than the original recipe. Might be my oven, not sure. But I usually cook it for 40-45 minutes.
  • The recipe calls for almond butter but says any nut or seed butter will work. I’ve used almond, tahini, peanut – all work well. I often do a combination of whatever I’ve got in the pantry!
  • It freezes really well, I just slice it up and wrap each slice in cling film, before adding to a container and putting it in the freezer. Then just defrost as needed.

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