The great waffle showdown, round 2

So, I posted about my rekindled love affair with waffles here. I’m trying to make my way through all of the waffle recipes on – man that girl loves waffles!

These are the second waffles I’ve tried from her website. The first ones were a hit! So my hopes for these Paleo Kitchen Pumpkin Waffles were high. Maybe a little too high…

Don’t get me wrong, these waffles were nice too. But they weren’t fantastic I wanna cook them every day and never eat anything else. Just nice. And certainly edible. Especially with maple syrup and butter.

They were super easy to make. I steamed and pureed some pumpkin the night before so I could make the waffles quickly in the morning – patience isn’t a strong point for 2 of the 3 people living in this house. Then it was simply a matter of using the good ol’ food processor to do the mixing. Can’t get much easier than that!

My tips:

  • This recipe made a huge batch. I now have about 15 leftover waffles in my freezer. They defrost and crisp up easily in the toaster. Don’t forget my waffle iron is smaller than usual – it makes little penguin shaped waffles with hollow bellies to hold your butter and syrup.
  • I usually don’t like to eat my waffles or pancakes with maple syrup (watching my sugar intake!). But with these I needed the syrup on top to make them more enjoyable.
  • My son loved them – it’s always a win when I can get him to eat vegetables, albeit disguised.

All in all, if I ever find that have excess pumpkin in the fridge I may make these again – they certainly weren’t yuk. But they’re not at the top of my yum list either. Maybe if I try roasting the pumpkin instead of steaming it will give a better flavour? Summer in Queensland means I’m not that keen to turn my oven on though…


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